Community Values
Inclusivity: we are a community that continuously grows because of our focus on inclusivity. We hope to spread the love of dancing with as many wonderful people as possible. No matte where you came from or what your interests are we hope you will come out to dance with us and feel welcomed by our community!
Safe Space: we strive to create a space where dancers can feel comfortable being themselves. We hope to encourage people to expand out of their comfort zones into the wonderful world of dancing - but at their own pace!
Growth: we hope to provide the right space and tools to allow dancers to grow both in their dancing and also their lives as a whole. With plenty of opportunities to get involved with the dancing and also with the community building we hope to provide opportunities for dancers to learn about each other and themselves!
Fun: This club started with a few college students who just wanted to connect and share their love of dance and music. More than anything we hope to create a warm, welcoming, and fun experience for every dancer that comes out to join!
Give back to the club! Volunteer at the next dance at the sign in table, snack table, or help set up the floor and chairs! Working together is what makes the events possible. 
Beyond UConn
There are several other venues that host Swing and Blues dances. The nearby ones that UConn frequents are: 
Vinnies Jump and Jive in Middletown, CT
Hartford Underground
Yale Swing and Blues
...and there are many more around the world!